How to get a list of repositories apt-get is checking

Debian -- List of sections in "buster" debian-installer udeb packages Special packages for building customized debian-installer variants. Do not install them on a normal system! Debug packages Packages providing debugging information for executables and shared libraries. Development Development utilities, compilers, development environments, libraries, etc. Documentation Debian Mailing Lists -- Index If you wish to browse a complete list of mailing lists, see the complete index. If you wish to browse a list of additional Debian related mailing lists, see the wiki page . To subscribe to or unsubscribe from multiple mailing lists at once, use the subscription or unsubscription web form, respectively.

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Are there any source APT repositories for Debian Lenny

Local Repositories. To enable calculation of Debian metadata, in the Administration module, go to Repositories | Repositories | Local and select Debian as the Package Type when you create your local repository. If you are using Debian with a Trivial layout, in the Debian Settings section, set the Trivial Layout checkbox. APT (software) - Wikipedia