Matiullah Jan’s Abduction Shows That Pakistan’s Security

Jan 19, 2016 how to open youtube in pakistan without software By Nov 28, 2015 How To Open Youtube In Pakistan - video dailymotion Jul 18, 2013

I just found out that Youtube got unblocked in Pakistan exactly 1 hour before Brit Awards. This was all fate! — Myra (@myra_tomlinson) February 25, 2015. YouTube is working. YouTube is working

Jul 30, 2013 What's the real reason behind the YouTube ban in Pakistan In 2008, Youtube was banned in Pakistan because of the videos made on the Muslim's final prophet "Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W" commonly known as "Prophet Muhammad". Those videos caused a huge uproar in nationwide and they demanded "Youtube" to remove th Youtube will open on 25 Feb in Pakistan (PTA Official) | HowPk

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In these days is blocked by P.T.A (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) in pakistan many people wants to open in pakistan but they cant. because P.T.A blocked it but dear friends i have a way to open youtube in pakistan in this tutorial i will show you how to open youtube even P.T.A block it. so simply just play the