When I get this error, i've noticed that the virtual adapter fails to enable. If I manually enable the adapter and then retry the VPN connection, it always works. I'm trying to figure out why the VPN client no longer automatically enables the connection. You may want to try enabling the adapter …

A virtual network adapter can also be used with a virtual private network (VPN), which is a network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization's network. If you search for "Cisco VPN Windows 10" in Google you can find unofficial fixes but I would recommend taking caution in using them (they may pose security risks). Personally, I would suggest trying to use ShrewSoft VPN client in place of Cisco VPN client until Cisco comes up with an official fix. Hope this helps! Cisco VPN Client: Reason 442 Для решения ошибки «Reason 442: Failed to enable Virtual Adapter» необходимо выполнить следующее: Открываем редактор реестра (набираем «regedit» в строке поиска, запускаем найденное приложение); As a result, even after enabling the VA via the Device Manager Management Console (devmgmt.msc), the virtual adapter is not listed by the Windows ipconfig command. Similarly, vpnagent fails to identify the VA connection name (due to the GetAdaptersAddresses native API not returning the AnyConnect virtual adapter) leading to the VPN connection

If Cisco VPN is not available, click Allow another app to add this option to the list of authorized apps. 4. Check both Private and Public options. 5. Apply the changes and then open Cisco VPN. 3- Manipulation in the registry. Like all other VPNs available, Cisco VPN requires a Virtual Network Adapter.

With the introduction of Windows 8, Cisco VPN users are faced with a problem – the Cisco VPN software installs correctly but fails to connect to any remote VPN network. Windows 7 32bit & 64bit users dealing with the same problem can refer to our Troubleshooting Cisco VPN Client - How To Fix Reason 442: Failed to Enable Virtual Adapter article.

A VPN user can establish a VPN session between the Virtual Network Adapter and the destination Virtual Hub of the remote VPN Server. While the VPN session is established, the VPN user can communicate to the remote VPN network through the Virtual Network Adapter. Since the Virtual Network Adapter works as if it were the physical one, any

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