Oct 20, 2019

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How to bypass age restriction on YouTube without signing in

Smart Tv,able To Watch Utube.but Cannot Deactivate Age

This bypasses the restriction and lets you go straight to watching the video without the age confirmation. Method #2 Going Off YouTube If you don't mind being redirected to a different site, you can instead add "nsfw" in front of YouTube in the URL. youtube.com/watch?v=1223445

How to bypass age restrictions on YouTube - Quora To bypass YouTube age restrictions, there are three solutions: #1. Change the video URL This is the easiest way to bypass YouTube’s age restriction. No need to use Bypass YouTube Age Restrictions - setuix.com Watching an age-restricted YouTube video without logging in; You’re watching it in your desired frame size. So that’s about it, you can use any of these methods to bypass YouTube’s annoying age restrictions and avoid logging in every time. If you want to know which method is the most reliable, then we have to say its method 1 since you