Running ubuntu LTS 12.04. I just installed rtorrent and rutorrent and I have PIA (Proxy service) I can't figure out how to configure a socks5 with rutorrent. Can anybody help me out? I don't want to run a Linux VPN app because I have other webserver applications running which I access on the WAN.

How to Use a Proxy for Safer Torrenting (Ultimate Guide Jun 30, 2020 ssh - rtorrent through a proxy - Stack Overflow I also changed the html proxy port for extra security, again in /etc/polipo/config. proxyPort = 9080. On the local machine I changed the ~/.rtorrent.rc as following: #Proxy of the http requests through polipo. http_proxy=localhost:9080 # The ip address reported to the tracker. #Really important, in order to get connections for downloads [Support] binhex - rTorrentVPN - Docker Containers - Unraid

Is there a torrent client that allows me to access it from

ssh - rtorrent through a proxy - Stack Overflow

Extratorrents - New alternative unblock proxy for torrent

May 09, 2019 TorrentRoom Proxy - 25 TorrentRoom Mirror Sites & Proxies List Jul 25, 2017 How to Install rTorrent and ruTorrent in OMV and Docker May 01, 2020 Help with rtorrent and reverse proxy : unRAID Help with rtorrent and reverse proxy My setup includes the LetsEncrypt, DuckDNS, and Rutorrent dockers. I had Deluge running without connection issues, however, I want to switch from Deluge to Rutorrent (Deluge keeps crashing when deleting torrents), the only problem I am having is setting up the nginx proxy.