Finding Your Address | ResCom: Residential Computing - Using AVB Ethernet to connect to a Mac Ethernet might be preferable over Thunderbolt because the Ethernet cable can be up to 100 meters long, using standard Ethernet cabling (which is very affordable). NOTE #2: USB-to-Ethernet adapters cannot be used because the Mac's USB chip set does not support AVB Ethernet. Setup. 1. Confirm that your Mac is running macOS 10.11. Finding Your Address | ResCom: Residential Computing The wired MAC address is listed next to Ethernet MAC address. The wireless MAC address is listed next to Wireless MAC address. Alternatively, on the back of your Roku there are a pair of six 2-digit pairs separated by colons, e.g. . 00:0D:0A:1H:3G:5C One set is for the ethernet connector and the other is for the wireless connector.

Ethernet. Ethernet.setMACAddress() Description. Set the MAC address. Not for use with DHCP. Syntax. Ethernet.setMACAddress(mac) Parameters. mac: the MAC address to use (array of 6 …

How and When to Use Both Ethernet Ports on a Mac Pro Mar 25, 2014

Connection by a Ethernet Cable. If you have a Mac and PC, and without internet connection, you can network the 2 computers by just plug in a ethernet cable. ethernet cable. or, you can just use wireless via local wifi. (convenient, and some machine do not have ethernet port.) Software Setup

Setting Up Your Epson TM-m30 (Ethernet) for PC, Mac or